You, your friends, one Story

Snapchat is on fire! Last week the innovating mobile app introduced yet another new, revolutionary feature: Custom Stories!

Now, your My Story can be Our Story. By customising your Snapchat Story you can create groups and add friends to share your moments with everyone you know.

The possibilities are endless! Throwing a birthday party? Add your guests to a shared group on Snapchat and start snapping. Going on a trip with you best friends? Add them to a group, name it ‘Friends Trip’ and snap away! Attending a festival? Why not make everyone you’re going with a part of the same ‘Festival Story’-group on Snapchat to show all of your friends what you’re up to!

How do I create a Custom Story?

Don’t worry, it’s pretty simple. You create a new Story by tapping “Create story” in the top right corner of the Stories page. Your stories will automatically disappear when no one has added anything to them in 24 hours.

Is it really that great?

Yes, we believe it is! It’s an interesting new feature because it creates a new opportunity for influencers, bloggers, vloggers and “normal-Snapchatting”-people to engage with and to their followers. Go Snapchat!