What we’ve been waiting for at Instagram is now here….

For a long time a lot of the 400 million-plus Instagram’ers have been asking for a metric showing how many followers actually watched your video as you’ve been able to at Facebook for quite a while. Now the waiting time is over. The feature is here.

With the new update, views will appear below your video post where likes normally appear. To see the numbers of likes at each video you just have to tap the view count. As Instagram explains, it’s a great opportunity to see how your community is engaging with your video.

Instagram feature

According to the official Instagram blog post, the amount of time people are spending watching a video on Instagram has increased by 40%. Instagram will register a view after at least 3 seconds and is a great feature for Instagram’ers to get an idea of their video-reach.

At the moment Instagram is testing the view count with some users before everyone will have the feature. Fingers crossed it will be featured for everyone during the coming weeks.

Source: http://blog.instagram.com/