What is Virtual Reality?

During the last couple of years virtual reality (VR) has become one of the major topics within the world of technology. The idea of VR was originally brought to life around the 1950’s, when the first references to the concept of VR was presented in Science fiction. Ever since, engineers and scientists has been trying to develop the technology, but due to the former extremely high costs of the technology all inventions and creations containing VR has mostly been something that has remained on the theoretical basis. Luckily this is no longer the case. Especially for the last 2-3 years, the focus on virtual reality has been greater than ever. Lately, big companies like Facebook, Google and Nintendo have chosen to invest a huge amount of money in projects regarding VR.

One of the main problems when it comes to VR is that there is in fact not that many people, who knows what it is. A study made by Greenlight VR shows that despite the fact that VR is not a completely new thing, there’s still around 25% of the people in the U.S and U.K who does not have a single clue about what it is. According to Sean Whitmore, who is one of the analysts behind the survey, the reason for this is that the industry hasn’t been good enough to inform the public.

So what is VR really?  
Virtual Reality is a technology that allows the user to interact in an artificial world. The computer technology generates realistic images and sounds, and it makes the user able to move about the artificial world. There are different variations in the use of the technology. Some simulations include features like touch and smell, but most commonly nowadays VR’s are to be found on head-mounted displays, also known as virtual reality headsets. By wearing these headsets, you are able to enter an imaginary setting or even to go “climbing a mountain” on the other side of the world, while sitting at home in your cozy livingroom. The huge potential of continuingly development of VR are the main reason why we, at Spires United, believes that VR is going to get its great breakthrough. If VR is going to be as big a deal, as we expect it to, it will allow everyone – no matter how much you earn or how your physical condition is – to experience the most amazing places on the earth. With VR everyone go everywhere.