What happened to Skype?

Skype is not just a name on a worldwide brand where video chatting – until today – is the most essential feature. Over the years the brand has developed into a verb where “Skyping” has become a pretty common saying for video chatting – even if the video chatting takes place on other messaging platforms such as FaceTime and Messenger.

Stagnation in a fast-moving world

Even though Skype has undergone this development into a verb the development of the instant messaging app pretty much stops here. As the digital world has undergone revolutionary changes in ways of communicating, by video, text, image and video, Skype has just been… Skype!

Introducing: The next generation of Skype

At least that has been the truth up until June 1 this year where Skype launched its next generation of the app. This is done as a response to the leading apps of the digital world, because Skype wants to put itself back on track!

New generation, new experiences

So, what is this new Skype update? The messaging app has been completely redesigned – inside and out. By snatching well-known elements from dominant SoMe-apps like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and FaceTime the new Skype app focusses less on video chatting and more on the overall chatting experience.

Another Story

Big surprise; you can add Stories to this app. Here, you can show your everyday moments by adding photos and videos to your “Highlights” – just like we are familiar with from Snapchat Stories. But it doesn’t stop here!

What else have we got?

The group chats have become more lively with the ability to personalize them, and an interesting “Find” panel has been added. This panel makes Skype searchable to solve everyday tasks while chatting with friends and family. Besides chatting with people you know you can also chat with bots, find tasty recipes, look for sports tickets and so on. All of this happens within the new features of the app; “add-ins” and “bots”, which continuously will be added along the way.

A new (too big?) beginning

We believe that this is a very interesting development for Skype in this digital world where it can be very hard to keep track on the new digital features that arises everyday. It is certainly about time that Skype did something drastic, but we are left wondering whether this is too big of a change and whether the users are able to handle all of these features in one app. One thing is for sure, we will follow their new journey with excitement.

The worldwide release has begun – starting with mobile Android devices.

Source: https://blogs.skype.com/news/2017/06/01/introducing-the-next-generation-of-skype/