Welcome to chatbots

If you haven’t met a chatbot yet, the time has come to say hello and welcome the new artificial helping hand that knows what you need before you do so yourself.

Don’t worry if you have yet to meet a chatbot. Chances are that you will so in the near future, because chatbots are definitely here to stay. And fear not, chatbots are only here to increase your customer experience online.

Messaging apps vs. social networks

Why are chatbots becoming this popular? Shortly, because of the new needs for communicating that have arisen with the increasing use of messaging apps.

More and more people communicate via messaging apps everyday – and now its’ official: Messaging apps have surpassed social networks. There are now more people communicating via messaging apps like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp than there are people communicating via social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

Dialogue with customers  

Chatbots are an intelligent way for companies to communicate with their customers on the digital platforms where they are present. It creates a personalized dialogue with the customers and helps increase the online customer experience.

What is a chatbot?

The new digital communicator is a computer program that imitates conversations by using artificial intelligence. It can help you in various ways: Tell you how the weather will be this weekend, suggest clothes for you to buy for a specielt event, give you the latest news in your local area and a various number of other things. All of this directly in your inbox on your favourite messaging app!

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