Vine becomes Vine Camera


On the 17th of January Vine, an app for recording and sharing extremely short looping videos, was shut down, when the people behind the app turned off the possibility to share, like, comment and “revine” in Vine. At the same time its successor was released; a new app called Vine Camera. 

What is happening? 
Back in October, Twitter, who Is the owner of the app Vine, announced that they were going to shut down Vine, since they hadn’t enough users. This announcement let to a lot of complains from fans, who was not at all satisfied with the decision. For months, there was a lot of talking forth and back, but in the end it seemed that the complaints paid off. In the middle of December 2016 Twitter came out with a new announcement; they were still going to shut down Vine in the nearest future, but the idea behind the app was not going to disappear completely. Twitter announced that they were going to release a new pared-down version of the app called Vine Camera. With this new app the users will still be able to create 6.5-second videos, but instead of posting them on Vine’s social network, as they usually did, the users now have to choose whether they want to post their videos on Twitter or save them to their phones. This mean that the main functions of Vine is preserved, but the overall social network sphere or sense of community, built on the foundation of Vine, is going to disappear.

The history of Vine 
When Vine was founded in 2012 it revolutionized within the short video format. By allowing its users to record and share extremely short looping videos, the app encouraged them to integrate with each other in a brand new way. Vine quickly became popular, especially among teenagers, who particularly enjoyed using the app to make short remixes, memes or other sorts of funny video clips. The special thing about Vine was that these videos was often recycled and used in an other context within the community of Vine, in the attempt of making new even funnier videos. In that way, a lot of the videos on Vine was highly innovative.

Even though Vine started out as a pioneer, it quickly got competition. Among the competitors, especially Instagram (when adding the possibility of posting videos to their app) and Snapchat (as their function “Stories” became highly popular) made Vine having a hard time. The app soon suffered from declining usage and their viewership sank drastically. For that reason, it became an extremely costly task to keep Vine alive, and as a result Twitter decided to shut it down.

What about the present videos on Vine? 
As Vine has been running successfully for a couple of years, it is no wonder that it contains a numerous amount of videos by now.  In order to prevent users from loosing their old glorious vines, the app has been allowing its users to download former Vines for the last couple of months, and this service is something that is going to continue even though the app is officially shut down. Besides that, an archive for old Vine posts is still going to be accessible. This means that the site is not shut down completely jet, as the users still have the possibility to watch and enjoy old vines – at least for now.

The predictions for Vine Camera 
The question is, whether or not Vine Camera is going to be a success. On one hand, there is no doubt about the fact that sharing videos is highly popular these days. As Vine Camera provides its users with the opportunity to easily record, save and share short looping videos, one might think that there is a great chance for it to become popular again. On the other hand, the users of Vine are only able to share their videos recorded on Vine Camera directly to Twitter, and thereby not on other social medias like Facebook. Besides that, comes the fact that there exists a bunch of other social media platforms nowadays, who also provides its users with the opportunity of sharing videos. After all it is hard to tell why people should choose to record their videos with Vine Camera, save it to their phones, go to the media on which they want to share it and then upload it here from their camera album, instead of just record the video directly on the social media platform. The only thing that makes Vine Camera special, is the effects that the users are able to add to their clips while recording. If Vine Camera is going to make it, this sure is the answer why.