The Noor Effect – and what we all can learn from it

Who is Noor and what effect is this?

Noor Tagouri is a journalist and cultural figure who desires to expose cultural injustices and battle the challenges women are facing world-wide through storytelling. By making some brave choices and being very passionate about her mission she has gained a lot of media coverage and hype about #TheNoorEffect.

Passion is what makes her thrive, and therefore we met up with her at this year’s SXSW to talk about the importance of passion and influence.

She told us: “Go for the things that make you uncomfortable, and that’s how you create influence”, and we couldn’t agree more. We believe that if you dare to push your boundaries and go for what you’re passionate about you can also have an effect on your surroundings.

Listen to what Noor Tagouri told us in the video above!