The importance of passion

At Spires United we believe in passion. Passion is what makes you thrive in life and chase your dreams. At least that’s what we believe, but what is passion to you?

The search for passion

In our search for passion we met up with Leslie Lozano, SoMe-manager for the brand Naturally Curly, at this year’s SXSW. She’s a very passionate woman with very inspirational thoughts on passion and what she believes in.

Why is passion important?

We asked her why passion is important. She told us that it’s important because of how it affects the people around you – not only yourself. She also shared her thoughts on what she believes in:

“I firmly believe that if you want to make a better change in world and/or in our communities it starts within ourselves. And in order to be our best self we have to feel ourselves.”

You can see Leslie’s full answers in the video above.

Let’s be passionate together

Passion is not something to keep to yourself. It should be shared and lived out for everyone to see, and that’s what we at Spires United want to help you do. Your passion is inspiring to everyone – so let’s be passionate together!