SKAM (SHAME) – a combination of a TV-series and social medias

SKAM (Shame) is a Norwegian online TV-series that has become a major success lately. By following the every day lives of a bunch of teenagers on Hartvig Nissen’s upper secondary school in Oslo the series deals with topics such as friendship, relationships, troubles, scandals and sex in order to portray the confusing and difficult teenage years. This might not sound particularly innovative, as there already exists around a thousands of series and movies that takes on these topics. Nevertheless, SKAM has manage to take the audience by storm. But why is that so? What makes SKAM so special?

There are particularly two things that makes SKAM stand out from the crowd; The broadcasting methods and the use of social medias. SKAM is created as an online-series, which means that the episodes of the series is released on a weekly basis on SKAM’s official webpage. A new episode is available every Friday, but luckily it does not mean that the audience have to wait an entire week before they will meet the characters of the series again. Small clips from the upcoming episode are regularly published during the week, as well as a range of other kinds of extra material. In that way, the people behind the series manage to constantly tempt the audience’s curiosity, as they equip them with an opportunity to predict on future outcomes. SKAM also has its own Instagram profile on which different pictures related to the series are posted. For instance screenshots of messenger-conversations between some of the important characters in the series are frequently posted on the profile. Besides that, all of the characters of the series also have their own Instagram profile. On these profiles the characters are meant to post pictures from “their life” (the life of the character), when the cameras is not rolling. In that way the characters are presented as if they very real persons, who continues to live their lives even when the cameras are not turned on. By combining a series of fiction with the social medias the people behind SKAM has succeeded to create a “world” around the series, which extends beyond the clips and episodes in a way that differs from anything previously seen.

However, it is not only in “the world” around the series that the social medias are prominent. The series is created with the intention of making an authentic and realistic portrayal of the life as being a teenager nowadays. As the enormous use of social medias is highly typical for our time, the social media aspect, and the teenagers use of technology in general, plays a huge role within the series as well. Whether they are chatting, texting, skyping, calling, watching movies online or just checking their Facebook feed or Instagram stories, the characters are constantly using some sort of electronic device.

We recommend you to take a look at SKAM’s official site where you can follow Eskild, Noora and the the rest of the group on the social medias.