Personal advertising through Facebook

Facebook Messenger went global with their new feature ‘Messenger Ads’ last month.

Facebook now offers businesses a new way of targeting through their platform. By using Messenger Ads, businesses can now extend their reach of people and create personal and meaningful connections with their customers.

Communicate where your customers are already present and active

The beta version of this feature has been tested in Australia and Thailand, and after promising results Messenger Ads are now going global. With more than a billion users of Facebook Messenger this is a powerful digital campaign tool for businesses to reach customers where they are already active and engaged.

How it works

The ads will be shown to people in the home tab of their Messenger app. Tapping on an ad will send the users to a chosen destination by the creator of the ad – it can be your website or a conversation in Messenger.

What are you waiting for?

At Spires United we think personal communication is the best way of communicating. This new feature gives your business an opportunity to create personalized ads directly in the inbox of your customers. We are excited to see the opportunities and development of this new feature!