New feature on Instagram

At Spires United we are always exited when social medias release new features on their platforms. Naturally we were thrilled to hear that Instagram reportedly are planning a beta-version allowing to create albums in the stream of single pictures and short videos.

Rumour has it that it will be possible to select 10 pictures and videos per album. This new feature can definitely become a game changer like the introduction of Instagram stories was it when it became a part of Instagram. It will undouble be interesting to see how the feature will be utilised both by the big brands and the smaller accounts. Perhaps we will get the option to ‘access’ the story behind some of the singular pictures or will it perhaps just become an extension of the story-feature!?

Here at Spires United we cannot wait to test the new feature and see if it will impact the user-experience of the platform and perhaps even change the behaviour of the users.


//Spires United