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The music video community has become extremely popular and claims to have about 90.000 million users worldwide, sharing song clips every day.

When first launched in July 2014 did not attract many remarkable attention, but ever since the creators of the app decided to make a few design changes in April 2015, the app has taken the world by storm. In the beginning of 2016 the app attracted millions of users and as a result hereby, the app ended up as the most downloaded free-app in 2016 in around 30 countries. is a video community, which provides its users with an opportunity to easily create and share instant music videos. The app is all about a lip-syncing function and the procedure is actually quite simple; Choose your favourite song among millions of tracks and create a lip sync video adding cool effects, such as: filters, slow-motion and time lapse. When done, you can choose whether you want to post your video on your profile, save it to your camera roll or share it on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Especially the fact that allows its users to combine the app with other social media platform has had a major impact on how and why the app has become so popular.

The users of the app are mostly teens and tweens – of which the majority seems to be girls. As a matter of fact, has turned out to be one of the fastest growing communities among teens and tweens for ages. But why is that so? What makes that special? According to the man behind, Alex Zhu, the app isn’t like any other former lip syncing apps. Zhu claims that stands out, as it creates a community that revolves around videos in a way that has never been seen before. The users, also called “musers”, isn’t just striving to get most likes or followers, as on other social media platforms. Instead, has introduced a bunch of other ways for the musers to connect and engage with one other. For instance, has come up with features that only BFF’s (Best Fans Forever) are able to use. Besides that, has also introduced some new terms, which promotes the sense of community. The best example on this is, when you have posted a video and you get notifications about who’s watching it. Where other social medias would normally say: “someone just liked your video”, tells you: “Someone was inspired by your”.

In that way, manage to satisfy its users in two ways. Firstly, it meets the modern teenagers need to share and connect, and secondly, it provides us with an opportunity to use our creativity. Most people like to be creative and to show their personality throughout their creations, and I cannot think of anyone, who wouldn’t like to know that their creativity has been an inspiration for others.