Instagram launches paid partnership marking

The 750M+ community, Instagram, has launched an interesting new feature. In the future you won’t have to wonder whether the expensive-looking sunglasses on the blogger you follow are sponsored or not, and as an influencer, you won’t have to come up with quirky hashtags to make your sponsored post seem transparent in a non-transparent way.

Transparent branded content

With the launch of the new feature where paid partnerships can be marked, branded content will be branded content. This will ensure that partnerships between influencers and businesses are transparent, and thereby it will be easy to recognize when someone is paid to post content, and it will be easy for influencers to mark a post as sponsored.

A change in your feed

The feature isn’t available for everyone’s usage so far, but at some point you’ll begin to notice some changes in your feed. Just above the picture, and just below the Instagram user’s name, a small text will be added. Instead of adding a location to a picture influencers can add: “Paid partnership with (insert business partner’s Instagram user name here)”. This is both possible in organic posts and Instagram Stories!

Communities with responsibilities

This feature truly marks Instagram as a responsible platform in a digital world full of paid partnerships across influencers and businesses. We believe that transparency is very important and essential in a community, and we can’t help but feel very excited for the “Paid partnership with”-feature to be fully implemented across the platform.