Instagram is testing subscription for notifications

Maybe you’ve been wondering WHY all of a sudden your Instagram feed are filled with people pointing to the corner to get you to “Turn on Notifications OR ELSE…”. At the moment Instagram is testing a new opportunity to turn on notifications, so don’t panic – it’s not the Instapocolypse and you’re Instagram world won’t end if you don’t turn on notifications. In the following we will inform you on what consequences the new feature will have for your Instagram account when the feature is released for everyone.

By: Maria Jin Hee Winberg

The new function gives the users the opportunity to subscribe and get notifications every time your favorite Instagram-profile posts and you won’t be missing out on posts from important profiles. Instagram doesn’t have a newsfeed algorithm like Facebook meaning you can’t make sure your followers sees all your posts. The new feature is a great opportunity for all influencers to make sure their followers gets ALL your posts which is really valuable.

It’s a unique chance for all influencers to increase the engagement on your profile if you manage to get your followers to subscribe to notifications when posts. All because their notifications will pop up and be available together with their notifications from Facebook. Our best tip is to make sure your followers are informed about the upcoming feature (not only Instagram but on all social medias you can get notifications. We will also recommend you to ask yourself this question: Do I add value to my followers with my post? As with all posts on social medias, you should strive to post content that adds value in your activities for the users.