Will Spires United interfere with my content?
NO! It’s is your blog and Spires United will not tell you what to write our how to write it. However we do keep the rights to point if you don’t keep our guidelines for good behaviour (we will not accept offensive, threatening, obscene or racist statements)

Can I keep blogging from blogspot, wordpress etc?
You have to switch platform when you become a spire-blogger. The blog will be at the spire, but those who visit your blog at blogspot will be redirected to your spire-blog. That’s how you won’t miss any readers. You don’t have to create a new blog and Spires United will take care of all the technical stuff.

Will my blog be filled with adds?
We promise you we will not post lots of adds on your blog.

Will my blog change appearance?
Your blog will be a spire-blog where we have templates for your blog. We can’t promise your blog will be completely identical with your present blog, but we will give you all the technical support you may need.

Can my readers still follow me by Bloglovin’?
When your readers visit Bloglovin’ they’ll automatically get redirected to your spire-blog. We may have to change your URL. If it unexpected should cause trouble, we will help you. Your readers will still easily be able to find and visit your blog as usual.

Can I keep my old blogpost?
We are still working on the technical part, but it is one of our top priorities.

Who owns the content?
It’s your blog and you own all the content and the rights. With your permission we may use some of the photos and content, but never without your consent.

Can I leave any time I want to?
Yes, you can leave any time you want. If you no longer wish to be a spire-blogger, we will give you the technical support you need to move your content.

Do I sign a contract with Spires United?
You don’t sign a contract with Spires United but before you start blogging, you have to accept “Terms and condition” which work as a contract. It’s more or less the same terms and conditions as you’ll find at other websites. The most important is, that Spires United can’t be held responsible for your content as well as you keep the rights of the content at your blog.