Facebook: You have 1 new job request!

Facebook is currently testing a new feature that can take your job seeking to a whole new level. This feature, “work histories”, will expand Marketplace job listings by letting you add your very own résumé.

A funny meme and a new job

You know this by now, but Facebook is ever-expanding and is nowadays a completely different media than it was when you first started posting pictures from your vacation to Spain and liking pictures of your friend’s new dog. If this feature gets launched it means a new market for job seekers with new and interesting possibilities. This would be features that doesn’t exist in the job seeking groups that already exists on the platform.

Find your next job on Facebook

So, how would this feature work if it gets launched? It would add job listings directly to the platform and make it easier to find nearby jobs. It would make it possible to subscribe to notifications about new job posts and even auto fill your résumé by pulling information from your profile. This would possibly mean competition for the social media network, LinkedIn, which is designed for professional use.

Would you use “work histories”?

We are very interested in hearing your opinion about this, and whether or not you could imagine yourself searching for a job via Facebook?

We definitely find this feature interesting, but are also wondering if further expansion of Facebook might confuse the users and their use of the social media network.


Source: https://www.digitaltrends.com/social-media/facebook-resume-in-testing/