Emojis 👁❤️🎄! Do they help or hinder communication?

It just might happen, (if you got your hands on a time machine), that you would have an easier time communicating with the ancient Egyptians than William Shakespeare himself! The Egyptian written language, which revolved around a system of over 1,000 images, is not too different from the 1,800 different emojis we text, message, comment, and email everyday. In fact, the little yellow blobs that your mom can´t stop sending you, are so popular that they have officially become the fastest growing language in the history of the world!

The New Hieroglyphics?

However, not everybody loves this development and critics often see it as a return to caveman times when we grunted, bashed each other with clubs, and drew primitive emojis on the walls of fire lit caves.  

On the other hand, a new study by Facebook found that the human brain actually connects images to emotions 60,000 times faster than it can with a line of text. This means that we can possibly communicate at a deeper level with each other when we use visual language. This also seems to be the case since people who frequently use visual messaging report having more “great conversations” than people who don’t frequently use emojis, stickers, and GIFs.

Best conversationWhether you 😍 or 😠 emojis, it seems like they are here to stay! We would love to hear if emojis help you have great conversations or if they stop you from communicating on a deeper level.