Autoplay sound on Facebook videos?

It is now a reality that Facebook will start testing News Feed videos with autoplay sound. The testperiod starts this week and so far, the tests are only going to take place in Australia – but who knows? If everything goes right, it probably won’t be long until they’ll make it a feature for everyone.

Nowadays, the autoplay video ads has become an integrated part of our Facebook News Feed. By now we are quite used to the fact that small videos and e-commercials starts playing as we scroll down our News Feed. Most of us does not really recognize them. And why is that so? One of the main reasons must be that they are silent. The autoplay videos are automatically muted, so that you have to click into the video feed in case you want to “get the full experience”. At least this is how it has been so far…

According to Mashable Australia, Facebook have just confirmed that they will now start testing autoplay videos ads, where the sound also automatically starts along with the video.

Apparently there will be two types of tests – both of them going to be tested on a small group of Australians. In one of the tests the sound is supposed to start playing as soon as the video begins. This means that you do not even have the opportunity to choose whether or not you want to watch the video, before the sound will begin. In the other test, you will be able to turn the sound on/off using a new small icon, which is going to be placed in the bottom of the video-screen. This allows you to turn off the sound, as the sound of the video in this test, as well as in the other, is going to start right away.

However, in both of the test-types the autoplay sound is only going to play if the smartphone’s volume is up, which means that it won’t affect you, as long as your phone is muted.

In many ways it is quite interesting to see, how the test group is going to react. Former studies made by Facebook themselves has shown that around 80% of people has a tendency to react negatively when the sound on a mobile video ad starts playing all of a sudden. Furthermore, a report from Digiday has shown that up to 85% of all videos on Facebook are watched without sound. After watching these numbers, one might wonder, why on earth Facebook would want to do these tests. After all, it does not seem like the best idea.

It is no Secret that Facebook have increased their focus on video lately. As any other company they are constantly trying to improve and develop. “This is one of several tests we’re running as we work to improve the video experience for people on Facebook”, a spokesman from Facebook told Mashable Australia.

So, when all comes to an end, it is not a complete surprise that Facebook comes up with a new idea and wants to try out something new. Only time can tell if it’ll be a success or not.