A growing baking community

We are creating a fast growing baking community online.

Come join us at Bakeinspire – do you enjoy baking, getting inspired or perhaps even have a dream of sharing your own recipes? We don’t want to brag, but we believe we have just the place for you.

Since the launch of Bakeinspire in October 2016, we have already come a long way in building the best online baking community together with everyone who loves to bake. The community already has a dedicated group of members that are engaged in sharing recipes, baking tips, and inspiration and the site is also home to a high level of diversity: from bread to sugar-cookies and birthdaycakes – all types and corners of the baking-craft are represented in the community.

However, we still need your help! Why? Because only together with the truly passionate bakers it is possible for us to grow and shape a meaningful online community where it is all about baking. By involving the users already involved on the site we keep the organic development of the site up to beat and are able to find the right solutions for the continued development and inclusion of more of the world’s bakers onto our site and our community.

Bakeinspire is more than good intention and a great mission. Though we are a start-up with the launch of Bakeinspire only 5 months ago we have already experienced significant growth and wide reach on social media.

In the last 30 days, the site has reached new heights with many visitors on our platform. We experience each day how our community catch the attention of interested bakers (professional and newbies) and even more importantly how visitors are returning to the community for inspiration and in curiosity.

Why are we experiencing a high level of interest and growth on Bakeinspire.com? We believe that the engagement of the users to drive the community forward is a key reason for the recent growth and why more and more visitors create their own accounts and engages in our community.

With a strong social media plan we have since New Year managed to increase the followers on Facebook significant. Not alone are the number increasing every day, we are also experiencing a high level of commitment on the site and on a regular basis, we see that our followers are recommending the site to friends and family.

Bakeinspire has come a long way in a short time and we are excited to see an increase in the responsibility and commitment to the site amongst the members of the community. However, we are aware of the need to push forward and are in a continued process of improving the platform and the technical elements to create the best community for our members.

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